A. P. J. Abdul Kalam

Mahatma Gandhi said that “It is cities which can take care of themselves so we can move towards to villages as they lack the basic infrastructures”. There must be harmonic relation between the cities and villages in India, urban areas are lot to give to their ancestral habitat they can pay tribute to them by helping and caring the subsistence of villages. It was Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam our former President who inherited the legacy of father of nation and called an action plan for rural development through PURA (Providing Urban amenities in rural area).
Yesterday , our Missile Man left us, being as visionary person he visualized the development of India long back 15 years, His PURA model was an unique productive linkage to Urban and rural people, he drafted the Model for providing the urban facilities to villages people.
One of the great objects of PURA Model was to propel economic growth in village life without population transfer. The whole robust was to merge the economic and societal framework at village level to provide the adequate atmosphere to private sector to invest as part of their market and perform their social duties.
The availability of water, roads, electricity at cluster level to bring the easiness in means could add pace in overall development. Dr. Kalam emphasized on an apex body to function to supervise the PURA he also suggested the deputy chairman of Planning commission could be the person as regulator, allocator, and administrator. Our Technological advancement acted as supplemental to knowledge economy and India ranks among the lead nations covering more than 70 Million populations under IT.
Education and health sectors are suborn, the lack of political determination deprived little man only sufferer in todays claimed economic growth. Dr. Kalam recognized that only power of Youth can bring the needful change, interacting with students became his mission of life in post presidential age, He was the only person loved by all ages equally.
If we adopt the teachings of Dr. Kalam it be real tribute to him!