A UN report says that the global generation of e-waste crossed 30-50 million ton last year. E-waste recycling and disposal in China, India and Pakistan are highly polluting due to the release of toxic chemicals. The lack of responsibility on the part of government and electronics industry, consumers, recyclers and local governments toward viable and […]

In nature there is distinct classification of living and non-livings and their mutual existence from eras itself reflects their intrinsic importance for each other. After the industrialization in 16th century the world shifted in new horizon where the human intervention with natures for his better living prospered up to 19th century. Initially the exploring resources […]

In India scrap dealers (kabadiwalas) are the direct link between the recycling sector and e-waste producers, but unorganised, less efficient, reluctant to better administrative support and earns relatively little. The resident behavior towards kabadiwals are only scavenger not as a cleaner, our aim is to break the traditional face of this disadvantage groups and link […]

Mahatma Gandhi said that “It is cities which can take care of themselves so we can move towards to villages as they lack the basic infrastructures”. There must be harmonic relation between the cities and villages in India, urban areas are lot to give to their ancestral habitat they can pay tribute to them by […]

When we talk about Green economy we never think of only investment, green jobs, and production rather it must be about Just and Fair Distribution of Resources and Sufficiency, taking into account social and biophysical limits to economic growth.  Natural resources are becoming less day by day and plutocratic approach in modern economy creating the […]

A debate on ‘’who is owner of nature’’ between fundamentalist and modern thinker has sailed the developmental model from ‘’to create the wealth of a nation’’ to ‘’new growth diaspora’’. Coordination failure model for development shows that market may fail to achieve coordination among complementary activities. Past decade has witnessed huge coordination failures among the […]

Most of our waste ranging from small piece of papers to small home appliances goes for burning which release climate change gases and pollute the soil and water. In case of big home appliances such as TV, AC, refrigerator and other electronic goods , people generally hand over it to kabadiwalas in exchange of money. […]

“I take pledge to devote at least 100 hours a day to clean my environment, my society. I shall not make the society dirty nor shall let any person do that. I shall start the cleanliness drive from my home, my school, my workplace, my community. All the nations which are clean are due to […]

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