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08th Dec 2015


Train the hand to reduce the Trash

 A UN report says that the global generation of e-waste crossed 30-50 million ton last year. E-waste recycling and disposal in China, India and Pakistan are highly polluting due to...



27th Oct 2015


Electronic Waste Association of India: A paradigm shift in E-Waste domain

In India, mobile phones, computers, laptops, and other electronic products are in billions for sale every year, and when these become obsolete, or goes out of fashion, most consumers treat...

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15th Aug 2015


Interdependence of Institutions to mitigate e-Waste menace

In nature there is distinct classification of living and non-livings and their mutual existence from eras itself reflects their intrinsic importance for each other. After the industrialization in 16th century...



29th Jul 2015


Empowering the e-Informal (Game changer of E-Waste Management)

In India scrap dealers (kabadiwalas) are the direct link between the recycling sector and e-waste producers, but unorganised, less efficient, reluctant to better administrative support and earns relatively little. The...

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28th Jul 2015


Advocator of PURA left us

Mahatma Gandhi said that “It is cities which can take care of themselves so we can move towards to villages as they lack the basic infrastructures”. There must be harmonic...



05th Jun 2015


Green Economy for Existence

When we talk about Green economy we never think of only investment, green jobs, and production rather it must be about Just and Fair Distribution of Resources and Sufficiency, taking...



15th Apr 2015


Make in India can’t go beyond public trust

A debate on ‘’who is owner of nature’’ between fundamentalist and modern thinker has sailed the developmental model from ‘’to create the wealth of a nation’’ to ‘’new growth diaspora’’....



27th Mar 2015


Recycling a basis for greener life

Most of our waste ranging from small piece of papers to small home appliances goes for burning which release climate change gases and pollute the soil and water. In case...



15th Mar 2015


Monitoring and enforcing the cleanliness: The one who destroys must compensate

From last 8 months, Indian society witnessed most high profile cleaning program in India which was supposed to be and announced free from politics. Freeing it from all politics made...



22nd Jan 2015


Mission e-swachh-Bharat

“I take pledge to devote at least 100 hours a day to clean my environment, my society. I shall not make the society dirty nor shall let any person do...

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