From last 8 months, Indian society witnessed most high profile cleaning program in India which was supposed to be and announced free from politics. Freeing it from all politics made it glamorous and the way of submission to nationalism. It was first ever non-governmental action plan to address cleanliness after Mahatma Gandhi. Cleanliness as habit never has been ours pride at community level so program started losing its lead. Now it is time to think why a call from Prime Minister could not resulted! What may be reasons? Lack of involvement may not be a reasons as millions of people irrespective of all interest participated to win the race. Prime minister in country like India is considered most powerful and authoritative personals in guiding the democracy. In democracy the government derives authority from people and powers it gets from constitutional mandate. Does the constitution and people’s mandate all could not function for clean India campaign?green-environmentMake in India call from our prime Minister is another wings attracted nations and trans-nations people. Cleanliness becomes more essentials when inviting investors from all parts of world. Over all cleanliness is common to all no race, religion, sect, creeds bars on it. Even after huge focus on sanitation and cleanliness why the campaign is turning to one day ritual. Does moral ethics and morality within us is subject to our self-interest. Now if the call from government cannot transform Indian society to a place where at least sanitation and cleanliness become its regular part it depicts now need of introduction of Clean Up regulatory association to protect its people and environment is demand of time.The government at state and central level should appoint Clean Up groups to monitor and enforce the sanitations and cleanliness guidelines by pollution control board. The sanitation and cleanliness should be a parted from pollution and a specialized wing should be constituted at each board. Clean Up (monitoring and enforcement) group will identify the waste/sanitation problems in villages/society/town/community/department/Institutions. After identification, the nominated people should be invited to share their initiatives regarding clean campaign. Their feed backs are shared among the people and cooperation from the government agencies be invited to assist group. Polluter pays principles should be adopted by these enforcement groups to charge the person (Legal person also) to remedy the polluted site.

When one rupee embezzlement/theft makes a person guilty then why people responsible for annoyance to human life and environment not to be considered social guiltier equivalent to omission which constitutes the crime.